The management system of our warehouses complies with GSDP (Good Storage & Distribution Practice) guidelines as outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO). Our warehouses are strategically located to ensure fast and efficient distribution throughout Jordan. We continually invest in technology and human resources to maintain the quality, availability, and efficient delivery of our products. Our warehouses encompass the following:


Omnitrade offers a sophisticated, efficient, and effective distribution system. In addition to our world-class storage facilities, our private fleet of delivery personnel and vehicles positions us as leaders in our field. We manage every aspect of the process, from sorting, packing, and loading, to delivering the products to their destinations. Here are some of the features of our distribution system:

Customer Relations

Omnitrade is highly appreciated by the pharmacies and hospitals. This is mainly due to the care and devotion offered by our professional team in the Customer Relations department. Some of the key elements for our successful operations include:

Using the latest technology to help organize, automate, and synchronize the services to provide the best client support.

Our team of telesales continuously developing in order to meet our customers’ needs.

International trainers providing our staff with in-house workshops on regular basis.





Our commitment to the wellbeing of human life has been the cornerstone of the working structure at Omnitrade since its birth.

While an important number of the products we distribute is promoted by our principals, we still have the responsibility of promoting many others. Therefore Omnitrade’s promotion department plays an important role in our activities.

This department is composed of professional individuals qualified in various sectors of the medical field. Their aim is to deliver the scientific and medical knowledge of the medicine we promote. Operations in this department abide by the IFPMA code of ethics (International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers & Associations).

Regulatory Affairs

Omnitrade also boasts a dynamic Regulatory Affairs team, known for its expertise and dedication. Comprising accomplished pharmacists, they specialize in registering new products and keeping registered product files up to date to ensure ongoing market presence.

Our regulatory affairs team collaborates with our principals to optimize the registration pathway strategy, ensuring that new medications can quickly and safely enter the market. This is assisted by our Regulatory Affairs team’s close collaboration with the Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA), focused on our shared goal of meeting patients’ needs in Jordan.


Omnitrade boasts one of the most extensive drug distribution networks in Jordan. We cover all areas in Jordan and offer delivery services to every pharmacy, in addition to serving all public and private hospitals.

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